I used to collect vinyl records, now I collect books. Cycling books.

To aid my cycle tour research, route planning and to keep me in the spirit of cycling adventure, here are some of the books I have read, am in the process of reading or that are in my 'to read' pile. They are mostly about cycling and visiting European countries but there are also some on Britain, in particular walking and cycling along the disused railway lines. There are also a couple on worldwide destinations.

I have now created an online Cycling Bookstore where you can find nothing but books about cycling!

I hope you find something you enjoy :)

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I have a Garmin eTrex 30 Sat Nav to use on my cycle tour, but every book I read says it's wise to take paper road maps too. So, after a bit of research (going to my local shop and having a good look and feel...of the maps!) to find out which ones I thought were the best, I chose these.

After weighing up both the AA and the Michelin maps, I plumped for the AA ones. They are clearer, to my eye, brighter and more appealing. At 1:180,000 scale, they also have just the right amount of detail. They are also printed on slightly sturdier paper so they didn't flop around quite as much as the Michelin ones did. I guess saving weight is the reason for the Michelin ones being lighter but now that I have my new tent peg hammer, I have luxury of choice.

I hope you find them useful too :)

"Fully updated, these Road Maps combines clear design and an easy-to-read scale with more road detail to ensure that you never lose your way.

This Road Map series includes information on toll points, service areas, road numbers, motorways, dual carriageways and wide and narrow local roads. National Parks, ski resorts, visitor attractions and towns and places of interest are also highlighted. The map is presented in a practical slimline format, with a durable weatherproof cover for protection from the elements."

Size: A6 118mm x 252mm
Scale: 2.8 miles to 1 inch (1:180,000)
Published: 31/03/2011
Publisher: AA Publishing

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