Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pannier Packing Checklist

Dispensing with the trailer this time means that I can and need to be far more efficient with my packing. Last time I found myself opening the trailer bag, the rack bag and at least two panniers every time I had to set up camp and cook. This time all the camping and cooking equipment is in the new rack pack meaning that arrival and set-up at camp will be far less cumbersome.

With my condensed packing list now complete, for this trip I will also try to stick to this pannier packing checklist I have created which should, hopefully, mean that finding stuff every day will be far more efficient too. It should also aid with packing up camp each morning as well. Not that I lost anything last year, but I found myself constantly double checking which bag I had put things in before setting off. I will keep a copy of this list in the reverse side of my handlebar map pocket so I can refer to it on the road before I stop to open just the bags I need to.

Mounted on/in Bike Frame
Front Light Battery Pack
Water Bottles x 3
Bungee Cords x 3
Spare Spokes & Nipples (Rear x 6 / Front x 6) (Stored in Seat Post)

Handlebar Bag
Map (Currently Navigating in Map Case)
Debit Card
Passport & Laminated Photocopy
European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
iPods & Headphones
Digital Camera
English / French Dictionary
Tyre Levers x 2
Puncture Repair Kit
Knife / Fork / Spoon
Penknife (inc. Bottle Opener / Corkscrew etc)
Sunglasses (Or On Head)
Cycling Cloth Cap x 1 (Or On Head)
Antihistamine Tablets & Eye Drops (Hayfever Medication)
Sun Lotion
Lip Balm
Chamois Cream
Travel Face Cloth x 1
AA Batteries
U-Lock Keys (One Set)
Tri-Star Allen Key (6mm / 5mm / 4mm)

Saddle Bag
Spare Inner Tube x 1
Front Lights
Extra Rear Lights x 2
Tyre Levers x 2
Puncture Repair Kit
Allen Keys
Brooks Saddle Spanner
Brooks Saddle Proofride
Brooks Saddle Waterproof Cover

Front Left Pannier
Chain Link Removal Tool
Cassette Tool
Spoke Key
Grease & Gun
Spare Nuts & Bolts (Pannier Racks & Mudguards)
Spare Cleats
Jubilee Clips
Cable Ties
Fleece Hat x 1
Fleece Top x 1
Lightweight Jacket x 1
Waterproof Trousers x 1
Cycling Insulator Gloves x 1
Cycling Waterproof Gloves x 1
Travel Towels x 2
Toilet Roll
Toothbrush & Toothpaste x 2
Dental Floss
Shaving Gel
Razor & Blades
Nail Clippers

Front Right Pannier
Spare Inner Tube x 1
Tyre Boots
Spare Chain x 1
Spare Gear & Brake Cables
Latex Gloves
Hand Wipes
Chain Lube
Electrical Tape
First Aid Kit
Plasters & Bandages
Facial Wipes
After Sun
Insect Repellent
Pain Relief Gel / Cream
Antiseptic Liquid
Paracetamol Tablets
Cough Sweets
Clear Storage / Food Bags

Rear Left Pannier
Trousers Long x 2
T-Shirts x 4
Underpants x 4
Socks x 4
Swimming Shorts x 1
Maps (France & Spain)
European Phrasebooks
Document Pouch
Laminated Passport Photocopy
U-Lock x 1

Rear Right Pannier
Cycling T-Shirts x 1
Cycling Long Sleeve Tops x 1
Cycling Padded Shorts x 1
Cycling Thermal Sleeves (Legs)
Cycling Socks x 3
Cycling Headband x 1
Cycling Skull Cap x 1
Cycling Neck Tube x 1
GPS Laptop Cable
Laptop Charger
iPhone & iPods Charger
AA Batteries
AA Battery Charger
Digital Camera Charger
Wind-Up Head Torch Euro Plug Adapter
USB Keys
UK Four Socket Extension Lead
Fleece Jacket x 1
Sandals x 1
U-Lock x 1

Rack Pack
2 Person Tent & Groundsheet / Footprint
Inflatable Mattress
Soft Pillow x 1
Inflatable Pillow x 1
Sleeping Bag & Fleece Liner
Bivvy Bag
Tent Peg Hammer / Extractor
Washing Line / Spare Cord
Campsite Electric Hookup Leads
Spare Tyre x 1 (Folding )
Gas Stove & Refills x 2

Cycling T-Shirts x 1
Cycling Long Sleeve Tops x 1
Cycling Padded Shorts x 1
Cycling Over Shorts x 1
Cycling Socks x 1
Cycling Mitts x 1
Cycling Cloth Cap x 1 (Or In Handlebar Bag)
Cycling Helmet
Cycling / Walking Shoes x 1
Sunglasses (Or In Handlebar Bag)


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