Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Packing List: Version 2.0

Having dispensed with the trailer for this trip, I'm cutting back on lots of the things I took with me last year, as I now realise they were superfluous. Also, as the new Ortlieb pannier bags are much smaller than the Altura ones I had last time, that too will dictate just how much I can take. As it turned out, the Altura panniers are not waterproof (despite being sold as such), so the smaller Ortlieb panniers are a small price to pay to actually keep the stuff inside dry! This year there will be no meeting up with family (to send stuff home) either, so I will be carrying everything until at least November.

Clothing - Working / Walking / Hiking
Trousers Long x 2
T-Shirts x 4
Underpants x 4
Socks x 4
Swimming Shorts x 1
Fleece Hat x 1
Fleece Top x 1
Fleece Jacket x 1
Lightweight Jacket x 1
Waterproof Trousers x 1
Sandals x 1

Clothing - Cycling
Cycling T-Shirts x 2
Cycling Long Sleeve Tops x 2
Cycling Padded Shorts x 2
Cycling Over Shorts x 1
Cycling Thermal Sleeves (Legs)
Cycling Socks x 4
Cycling Mitts x 1
Cycling Insulator Gloves x 1
Cycling Waterproof Gloves x 1
Cycling Headband x 1
Cycling Skull Cap x 1
Cycling Neck Tube x 1
Cycling Cloth Cap x 2
Cycling Helmet
Cycling / Walking Shoes x 1

2 Person Tent & Groundsheet / Footprint
Inflatable Mattress
Soft Pillow x 1
Inflatable Pillow x 1
Sleeping Bag & Fleece Liner
Bivvy Bag
Tent Peg Hammer / Extractor
Washing Line / Spare Cord

Gas Stove & Refills x 2

Bike Specific
Spare Tyre x 1 (Folding )
Spare Inner Tubes x 2
Puncture Repair Kits
Tyre Levers x 2
Tyre Boots
Spare Chain x 1
Spare Gear & Brake Cables
Tri-Star Allen Key (6mm / 5mm / 4mm)
Allen Keys
Chain Link Removal Tool
Cassette Tool
Spoke Key
Grease & Gun
Spare Spokes & Nipples (Rear x 6 / Front x 6) (Stored in Seat Post)
Latex Gloves
Hand Wipes
Spare Nuts & Bolts (Pannier Racks & Mudguards)
U-Locks x 2 & Keys (Two Sets)
Water Bottles x 3
Lights (Front inc. Battery Pack & Rear & Extra Rear x 2)
Brooks Saddle Spanner
Brooks Saddle Proofride
Brooks Saddle Waterproof Cover
Chain Lube
Spare Cleats

GPS & Laptop Cable
Laptop & Charger
iPhone & Charger
iPods & Headphones
Digital Camera & Charger
AA Battery Charger
AA Batteries (GPS & Rear Light)
Wind-Up Head Torch Euro Plug Adapter
USB Keys
Campsite Electric Hookup Leads
UK Four Socket Extension Lead

Hygiene / Health
Toothbrush & Toothpaste x 2
Dental Floss
Shaving Gel
Razor & Blades
Nail Clippers
First Aid Kit
Plasters & Bandages
Chamois Cream
Lip Balm
Facial Wipes
Sun Lotion & After Sun
Insect Repellent
Pain Relief Gel / Cream
Antiseptic Liquid
Paracetamol Tablets
Antihistamine Tablets & Eye Drops (Hayfever Medication)
Cough Sweets
Travel Face Cloth x 1
Travel Towels x 2
Toilet Roll

Knife / Fork / Spoon
Penknife (inc. Bottle Opener / Corkscrew etc)

English / French Dictionary
European Phrasebooks

Documentation / Money
Passport & Laminated Photocopy
European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
Maps (France & Spain)
Document Pouch
Debit Card

Map Case
Jubilee Clips
Cable Ties
Bungee Cords x 3
Electrical Tape
Clear Storage / Food Bags