Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cycle Touring Day 185

This morning we left the tranquility of our secluded and private little campsite in Lacave on the banks of the Dordogne and pressed onwards in the general direction of Ax-les-Thermes. But not before taking a refreshing bath in the chilly river - I certainly felt awake after that - and then taking a stroll in the warm morning sun along the banks of the river and skimming stones.

En route today we stopped at Bouzols and took a walk around the Trou de Bouzols a natural, horseshoe shaped amphitheatre, 400m in diameter and more than 100m deep, caused by erosion of the limestone by the river Dourdou in the Causse Comtal.

Later on in the day we stopped in Mende and after a pleasant walk around the ancient parts of the city, we stocked up on food and headed towards the mountains to look for somewhere to spend the night.

Waking up to views such as this by the river in this lovely valley is a wonderful thing.

With this campsite now closed for the season and all the showers locked up and the water and electric turned off, the only way to get clean is to bathe in the chilly waters in one's nude. So that's just what we did. I have spared you the photograph though.

Stones sir? Naah. They've got a lot there, lying around on the ground. Oh, not like these, sir. Look at this. Feel the quality of that. That's craftsmanship, sir. Ah, all right. We'll have, uh, two with points and... a big flat one. Could I have a flat one, Mum? Shh! Sorry. Dad. Ehh, all right. Two points, ah, two flats, and a packet of gravel. Packet of gravel. Should be a good one this afternoon. Local boy. Oh, good. Enjoy yourselves.

Built myself a little stack of stones as seems to be the norm in France when one chances upon some rounded stones.

L'église Sainte Fauste de Bozouls in the Trou de Bozouls.

The curious little bell tower in the centre ville of Bozouls.

Arriving in Sainte-Enimie at dusk. The photo doesn't quite do it justice but the setting and the scene is stunning.

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