Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cycle Touring Day 169

In preparation for leaving tomorrow, today I gave the bike a clean and a service before heading out for a quick spin to make sure everything is still running as it should. I have also decided to leave BOB behind for the next wwoofing leg and the subsequent circumnavigation of Spain and Portugal. The reason being, is that once I have taken out the majority of my working clothes along with all the other things I won't need during the journey south, everything I need fits comfortably in the panniers.

My current wwoof hosts have very kindly allowed me to leave BOB, loaded up with all the excess, in their garage for the next couple of months for me to collect upon my return from Spain. Leaving BOB behind will not only allow me to travel much lighter, but also faster, plus there is no point in dragging all the stuff I don't need with me for the next 3,000km or so.

Life without BOB.

This is along the route where we walk the dogs each night. That tree cluster, second from he right, reminds me of a bison. 

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