Friday, May 25, 2012

Cycle Touring Day 55

Another wonderful day's cycling today. Extremely hot though at times, especially on the climbs, and unlike Day 53, I'm not sure I could have carried on for much longer than I did as I was close to being burned alive. If the bar here on camp tonight was open, I could drink it dry. At times I would have given anything for a slight headwind today as the climbs were in dead heat and the short descents in-between were not long enough for any kind of respite. Come the end of the day, the water in my bottles was so warm it was like drinking straight from the hot tap!

I had not intended to cycle quite so far today but a tailwind almost all the way from yesterday's camp at Saint-Pol-de-Léon, enabled me to eat up the km's and I completed 103km in 6 hours dead - over an hour faster than it usually takes to do 100km. As I had no campsite earmarked for tonight I had to cycle another 13km to find one, but once again, it's almost more difficult to find somewhere to wild camp than it is to find a campsite over here, there are so many of them.

Enroute to this site though I took the opportunity to wander around the Abbaye Saint-Mathieu de Fine-Terre at Pointe Saint-Mathieu near Plougonvelin. Reading the information plaques it said that following the French Revolution in 1789, the Abbey was essentially placed in the hands of the general public and for many years it was purely a source of 'nice' stone for the locals. Crazy!

I wonder how long he's been here.

Might need a bit of work to get it up and running again.

And a few drops of chain lube!

Bretagne is littered with megaliths by all account and despite plenty of them being highlighted on my map, this is the first one I have actually seen a sign for...

...and found!

When I got back the boys were taking a nap. It was a jolly hot day!

Had I not just found a campsite moments earlier, I could have slept in there tonight.

I could have woken up to this view too!

I do like perfect sand.

I don't think I will ever master these French campsite toilets. It takes forever to push it all through the grill!

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