Monday, May 21, 2012

Cycle Touring Day 51

Once the bike was loaded I set off around 10:30. The rain of the past few days had finally stopped but the morning was cold, grey and damp. My mood was similar to the weather too. And there was a headwind!

The first morning back on the bike after only three days off was agony. I felt like I was treading water for the first couple of hours at least. I hope it's not like this after every WWOOF break! Come 13:00 there was nothing else for it but to dig out the iPod and listen to the entire Bon Scott era AC/DC back catalogue to get the legs turning. It worked for the legs but not really for my mood. But, after an 80km slog, during which I didn't stop to take a single photo my mood was so bad, I eventually reached a nice campsite and after dinner I took a stroll to the beach in the evening sun.

The only company one keeps as a solo cycle tourist.

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