Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cycle Touring Day 47

As I only needed to travel about 25km to my first wwoof host from Dinan, I spent the morning making the most of the free wifi and got the website right up to date. I left the campsite just after 14:00 and stopped at a supermarket en route, to buy lunch. The morning had been overcast and chilly but the afternoon was now very hot once again. Even taking my time to cycle the 25km, I made it to the wwoof farm at 16:30

After introductions and some more miming, on my part, I was shown around the house and garden - very nice it all was too. The chap spoke very good English and as I had exhausted all my French within the first 10 minutes, it was just as well. He outlined a few of the things he was working on and gave me an idea of the things we could do over the coming days. After dinner we chatted for a while and apparently no sooner had the day begun, it was over.

Someone must've told them we were coming!

Looks a lot like Eastern Neston and reminds me of something from Junior Kickstart! Is that Peter Pervis on the left?

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