Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cycle Touring Day 46

As I had spent an extra day in Granville and still wanted to squeeze in cycling to Concale and St. Malo before reaching Dinan, I left camp early this morning. I was on the road by 07:30, my earliest start so far. Oh boy, it's cold in the mornings! It took me a while to warm up so, whilst waiting for the supermarket to open, I went for a hot chocolate and warm croissants and that seemed to do the trick.

Even at that early hour, the ride was most pleasant. Outside of the major French cities, I'm not sure there is such a thing as rush hour! Once again, I was familiar with this part of the route as I had cycled to Concale in February and I knew the going would be very flat. Once I was properly underway and out of the town, it was 09:00.

After stopping at the viewpoint in Conacle, I carried on along the coast road and reached St. Malo at midday. I took lunch by the sea and was entertained by a seagull who was taking a fancy to my lunch. I fed him some banana and then whilst I stepped back to get a photo the cheeky beggar reached into my handlebar bag and flew off with my mini road map! I was, however, quite blessed as it could easily have been my wallet. Luckily though he only flew around for a while and then settled close by once again to try and eat it! But, after I threw the banana skin is his direction he ditched the map and flew off.

After lunch, I cycled through the walled town of St.Malo and then headed out towards Dinan, which reached by 15:00. As it was such a hot afternoon, once I got to the campsite I took shelter in the tv room and made good use of the free internet until the early evening. Once it had cooled down outside I finally set up camp, unpacked and showered and then headed in the town of Dinan itself for something to eat and to wander around with the camera.

Fort National. Probably built to keep out those thieving English!

Looking casual. Pretending he hadn't noticed I was having lunch.

He likes banana.

And whatever that brown thing was. I forget now.

Looking nonchalant, just before he stole my map. Git!

Note: Handlebar bag now closed!

The luxurious TV/internet room.

As any Irishman will agree, I am quite sure, there is no finer road sign to see at the end of a hard day ;)

It looks like a model village from up here!

Plenty of old bits.

And a few big bits.

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