Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cycle Touring Day 43

I only realised about halfway through the day that today was actually Sunday. I had wondered why the roads were so quiet today. The beauty of not having a schedule anymore is that you really can lose track of time and the events that usually make up the working week are gone from you life. Without structure one is free to wander and absorb the surroundings.

I set off very early this morning, despite arriving so late last night, as I didn't want to make a habit of arriving a campsites late, not seeing much and then packing up and heading off in the morning. I much prefer to arrive at my destination by mid- to late-afternoon to allow me time to relax and to look around the local area and/or town. I arrived at the campsite just north of Granville at 16:00 after another day of cycling under a clear blue sky.

The majority of today was spent cycling along just one road, pretty much, the D650. Not a bad road really. Very little traffic, as it was Sunday I eventually realised, but also not a lot to see or take pictures of. In the evening though, whilst I was setting up camp, I noticed some parachuters not too far away, towards the coast. So, after a late-afternoon snooze, I grabbed the SLR and zoom lens and headed off check it out. I got some great shots, I think, tinkering around with the zoom etc.

Kudos to anyone who can identify the Pink Floyd reference in this shot.

Lunch and a brief doze in the sun at this church somewhere en route.

Is this France of the Caribbean?!?

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