Friday, May 11, 2012

Cycle Touring Day 41

First thing I did this morning was query with the campsite owners the price of camping for one night. Last night I paid €17.20 and once I had showered and had a good look around the site, I was not impressed really and thought that price was jolly expensive. Turned out that I should only have been charged €8.00 so I was given back the difference. Result!

That was the highlight of the early morning though as the tail wind from yesterday evening, which had blown me all the way onto Utah Beach had now become a head wind. Spesh even had the nerve to stop a couple of times so he could finally be in some of the D-Day memorial shots, so I obliged him of course. I actually talk to Spesh and BOB quite often nowadays and it helps to keep my mind active when I am cycling. Obviously the conversation is a little one sided, when they actually answer back I know it will be time to take a break!

After a brief rest stop and a few photos of course ;) at Barfleur, we carried on towards Cherbourg stopping in a campsite just outside for the evening. After setting up camp I cycled on into Cherbourg itself for a look around and to grab some food and a drink. Back at camp by 20:30 I went into the on-site bar for drink and edited my photos for uploading to the blog when I next have wifi. I popped out briefly though to nip down to the beach to grab a couple of sunset shots.

Spesh wanting in on the action finally.

Oh just one more then!

Barfleur harbour...

...and Church.




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  1. That is a pretty amazing sunset. Good to know you've started to Spesh and BOB already