Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cycle Touring Day 36

After a good sleep and a lazy morning dozing, I eventually got myself up and cycled back down the hill into Honfleur for a day of wandering aimlessly and taking photographs with the digital SLR I had decided to bring and had been lugging around with me for the past week. Having the wide angle lens really allows for some great wide shots but when I'd uploaded them to the computer later on in the day, of the 90 or so pictures I took, I only liked two of them! The wide shots it gives are not really much more impressive than what I can make using the iPhone and photomerge in Photoshop. The SLR is most definitely going home with dad in July!

The day ended with the sun making an appearance once again and I hoped that it boded well for the coming days and that the good weather would be staying for good very soon.

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