Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cycle Touring Day 33

St. Valery en Caux is the first real 'beautiful' place that I have seen, so I decided to spend a rest day here taking photographs. First thing, I went to the local bike shop and bought two water bottles and cages to mount onto BOB to give me extra water should I require it when the weather eventually (hopefully), gets hot. I then cycled all around the town taking pictures of #Spesh where he requested his photo taken - he's becoming quite a demanding fellow so it would appear. We even tried some arty stuff. He's so vain too! I went back to camp for lunch and then dozed for a couple of hours. The hayfever medication I am taking makes me drowsy, I remember now, and is why I often feel sleepy in the afternoons. It used to be a real pain in work sat in front of a computer fighting to stay awake!

Before I set off for town again, I went over to pay for the campsite. As I had arrived when the site was closed last night, I briefly considered telling them that I'd only arrived very early this morning to give me a 'free' night, but my conscience got the better of me and I told them I'd like to pay for two nights. As it then turned out, she said she would only charge me for one night. I suppose honesty really is the best policy after all. Listening to Billy Joel last night had obviously been on my mind :)

Mid-afternoon, I cycled back into town and locked the bike up to do a bit more sightseeing, this time on foot. I chatted with the woman in the tourist office for quite a while and we exchanged language help. I noticed on the map she had given me that there was a Médiatheque, which I assumed to be a digital library, so I set off in search of it. Once inside I managed to ask to use the internet and the ladies allowed me to use a computer to check my emails etc - most helpful. I then wandered around the town taking some more pics and visiting the museum in the house of Henry IV - an amazing looking building on the western side of the port, which survived the war intact. The entire east side of St. Valery en Caux had been obliterated but the west side remained largely intact.

Le maison de Henry IV.


  1. Nice house. Who's your little friend at the end? Maybe he could join you and ride in Bob?

  2. I'm pleased that you haven't had to trail around with all your gear all the time and are able to travel light for at least part of your travels x

  3. LOVE that house, how beautiful? oh and I never realised you were a fellow Joel fan, nice one x