Sunday, April 29, 2012

An Ode to Jasper

by @Specialized_Guy


You slept by my feet at dinner,
And on my bed at night.
Then once again at breakfast,
You wouldn't leave my side.

You should've travelled with me,
I picked you up to try.
You could've ridden inside BOB,
Where you would have been dry.

The places we'd have been to,
The things that we'd have seen.
We could've written postcards,
Back to your family.

I'll miss you little canine pal,
A bond was formed so quick.
I'll think of you from time to time,
When I ride past a stick.


  1. Jasper you look like a real cool guy,

    And the days without ‘Specialized’ will soon pass by,

    As he flies along through the villages of France,

    His mind will pass back to that very first glance,

    When you first met up and had such a great time.

    So be patient dear Jasper and follow your friend,

    On ‘Twitter’ each day until journey’s end.