Sunday, April 22, 2012

European Campsite Guides

Having decided, during my mini tour of England, Wales and Ireland over the past three weeks, to seek out campsites rather than wild camp as often as I initially thought I would, more out of the desire to have a warm shower at the end of each day than for any other reason, one of the last tasks on my 'to do' list was to get myself a list.

As I won't have an internet connection 24/7 and will only have access to wifi as and when I can find it, I wanted to carry some sort of physical list or guide with me. Rather than having to painstakingly create a list myself, I figured that the best way was just to take one that someone else has compiled.

Whilst there seems to be a plethora of campsite guide books available, having read reviews and thumbed through a few in book shops (remember those?), I settled upon the Alan Rogers series of guides. Whilst not an exhaustive list of every single campsite across Europe (I would surely need a truck rather than a trailer to carry those weighty tomes around with me), each is broken down into regions and gives good descriptions of costs and facilities. As well as textual listings for each site there is also a pictorial guide so you can pinpoint where each of the campsites listed are. But, the best part, for me at least, is that the GPS coordinates of each campsite is also included!

Whilst I realise that France is literally littered with campsites (although I am not too sure about Spain, Portugal and Italy but suspect the same), I felt that I needed the comfort of knowing just where the next one is rather than purely relying on chance alone at finding near the end of my route each day. As my cycle tour is mainly around the coastline of mainland Europe, I am encouraged by the amount listed near the coast.

"Finding the right campsite for your next camping trip or caravanning holiday is crucial. Since 1968 the Alan Rogers Guides have been the market leading campsite guides to the best inspected and selected campsites across Europe. For many thousands of readers the Alan Rogers Guides have become a glovebox necessity and an armchair companion.

Annually updated, campsites are selected following regular inspections. Impartial, independent and authoritative, the guides provide real peace of mind when planning your campsite holiday."

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  1. Are they not available as downloads? Assuming you have the means to view them, would be great if the gps co-ordinates were hyperlinks which automatically opened up the map and showed you where it was in relation to you. I think that would be extremely useful xx