Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cycle Touring Day 5

Route: Alcester - Redditch - Kidderminster - Bridgnorth - Shrewsbury - Maesbury Marsh

After just four days of cycle touring, I was beginning to get a feel for what I could achieve in a day - cycling distance wise. After a great night at Island Meadow campsite, I set off in lovely, bright weather and quickly decided upon a little detour through the village of Alcester. Today was already going to be about 130km but I added in a little extra 20km loop at the start of the day to get an idea of the maximum distances I could comfortably cycle in a reasonable amount of time, when fully loaded up.

As with yesterday, the day gradually brightened into a glorious sunny day and yesterday's rain never returned at all today. Today's route was along more main roads but the traffic never reached a level to make it unenjoyable even when I reached the A5 just outside Shrewsbury. The day was a lot longer distance and time-wise, obviously, than all the previous days but the good weather made the going easy.

I reached my second campsite, Canal Central in Maesbury Marsh, just after 7pm and the owners were still in the reception/cafĂ©, albeit having their own dinner, but still welcomed me and directed me to where I could pitch my tent. Another speedy tent erection meant I was soon in yet another welcome, hot shower washing away the aches of the day.

That night was due to be very cold so I made sure I was well wrapped up for the night. Having been a dry day, all my wet stuff from day four was now dry and I took the opportunity to get all of the panniers back in order - they get messed up pretty quick after digging through them all in preparation for showering and finding a change of clothes. As I had arrived late, there was little time for anything else that evening other than settling in, all snug-like, for the chilly night ahead.

As the day's cycle neared its conclusion, I found myself in Knockin. I just had to cycle through the village to see if they had a shop.

They did.


A beautiful evening in a beautiful setting but a chilly night ahead.

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