Monday, April 30, 2012

Cycle Touring Day 30

I didn't sleep a great deal last night and due to excitement, I was wide awake at 05:00. I could not get back to sleep so I did a bit of tinkering with the blog and added a few more campsites to the sat nab for the coming days. I also found out that the first WWOOF host needed to delay my arrival for 4 days which now gives me much more time to make it to them. I will spend the time cycling less that the 100km or so I had planned for each day and make spend a few nights in one or two places to give me more chance to look around the local towns and villages. It will also allow me to settle in more gradually and soak up more in the early days of the tour.

The ferry sailed at 08:30 and 90 minutes later I disembarked in France and began cycling east through and out of Calais. Within an hour I was experiencing the kind of cycling and scenery that I had been dreaming about and felt very relaxed and comfortable cycling on the roads of France once again. Having spent a week in France at the end of February this year, I already knew what to expect from the roads and the drivers and immediately relaxed into my stride.

The wind and rain during my final week in England was already behind me and I spent the entire day cycling under blue sky and the occasional cloud. What little wind was also behind me. Bliss!

I could literally have stopped to take a picture every five minutes, the views were so wonderful, but soon realised that if I did I would be spending the next two or three years in France alone! Suffice to say, the pictures you can see below were pretty much what I was experiencing all day long!

Just as I made it to the campsite at 18:00 the rain began to fall. I just had enough time to get myself set up and cook dinner in-between showers before the real heavy rain began to fall. After I'd eaten, showered and written my first diary entry I was going to go for a walk along the beach, which was about 100m away, but literally as soon as I was done it began to pour and continued to do so until I fell fast asleep.

Goodbye England.

Hello France!

A view worthy of that climb.

Great, the stove works!

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  1. My favourite, Pesto Pasta!!!! Yum Yum and yes, the scenery certainly is beautiful, bon voyage my friend, see you soon xx