Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cycle Touring Day 3

Route: Richmond - Pinner - RickmansworthChesham - Aylesbury

It was another most enjoyable day today. Cloudier than the previous two days, chillier too and a little head wind for the last hour or so, but conditions favourable for cycling.

No problems with weight, balance or control today either. If this load was all I had to carry for the duration of my cycle tour, I would be sorted. But as I will require more, a trailer is the only sensible choice for me and I think I have that chosen now too.

This evening is my last night of warm and comfortable surroundings - I begin camping from tomorrow. Tonight I am staying with a friend I made on the Cytech course so I will endeavour to enjoy both the company and a nice warm bed. I have just looked at the weather for tomorrow and can expect rain and snow! Glad I didn't leave the waterproofs at dad's!

Some pictures from today :)

Today's lunch stop.

My inquisitive lunchtime companion.

A nice rural route to end the day.

Glad I was going rather then coming. Wouldn't have wanted to end the day with this climb.


  1. Sorry I missed you in Chesham today, if I had known I would have bought you a coffee over to tha park.

    1. Cheers! I have not got around to blogging my itinerary yet. I guess i should have done that sooner then people could join me if they are close buy - I never thought of that before. Would have been nice to meet up.