Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cycle Touring Day 29

Overnight the rain and wind had continued and as I set off at 11:00 it began to pour again. It rained steadily for the next hour and a half but just as I got to Hastings and began the climb out of the town, it stopped and he rest of the day was very pleasant indeed. Blue sky interspersed with light clouds and a tailwind for much of the journey made for a most pleasant afternoon's cycle to Dover. The ride itself was pretty uneventful and other than climbs at each end, it was very flat going all day.

Rather than camp near Dover I had decided to treat myself to a night in a hostel and as it had rained so much the previous week, I felt glad I had. The evening in Dover, however, was a very pleasant one in the end but staying in the hostel was much more conducive for a final night in England and allowed me to tidy up all the loose ends and make use of the wifi to say my final goodbyes to family and friends. It also gave me the opportunity to plan a few campsites and enter them into my sat nav.

My first switchback...albeit a downhill one.

My final English county in a very strong sidewind...

...see what I meant about that sidewind? So that's what the bottom of the trailer looks like!

After a Mexican feast last night, courtesy of @festinagirl, this was not the only wind power in evidence this afternoon!

I found a first flag for BOB on the verge by the side of the road.

A Spitfire! My favourite.
A Spitfire and a Hurricane.

The white cliffs.

I hope I get to see more of these once I am in France. This is my favourite car!

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