Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cycle Touring Day 28

After loading up the bike I left at bang on midday, just as I had intended to. Rather than cycle the 140km to Dover in one day, today and tomorrow are going to be relatively short days in the saddle and I am meeting a couple of people along the way to break up the journey. As it turned out, it was just swell I wash;t doing it all in one go as the weather had been atrocious in the morning.

After 35km today I called in on @_BLIXA_ who had agreed to meet me. We had never met before and only started via twitter a few weeks ago when I had mentioned that I was cycling near his home en route to Dover at the end of April. Just as I got to him the rain began to fall.

He very kindly invited me into his home and introduced me to his lovely family. We then spent a most enjoyable hour and a half chatting about the trip and all things bike related in general. Several cups or tea and crumpets later, we set off for our next destination at 16:00. The rain had been falling steadily for the entire time I was in his house and it continued to do so for the following hour as we cycled through country lanes. The wind began to pick up too.

Once there we met up with @festinagirl with whom I would be spending the night as she had very kindly invited me to stay with her and her family. I thanked @_BLIXA_ again for his warm welcome and his company on the ride and he set off for home on another soggy journey. I was only minutes away from my destination for the night however and made it into the warm and dry just before the real rain began to fall.

I spent a wonderful evening, eating lovely food and enjoying drinks and great chat, in the company of @festinagirl and her family and made a great new friend in @JasperJRT who would not leave my side all evening and even slept on my bed that night. The following day, whilst cycling to Dover I composed "An Ode to Jasper".

Thank you both for meeting me and looking after me so well. It was really great to meet you both and it's so nice to be able to put names to faces. I hope we can keep in touch as I travel around Europe over the coming years and I hope we get to meet up again one day. All the best to you both and to your families.

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