Monday, April 2, 2012

Cycle Touring Day 2

How does that song go? What A Diff'rence A Day Makes!

Compared to yesterday, today could not have been anymore different. Last night I repacked the panniers and took out lots of the stuff I don't need to take with me to Ireland. After yesterdays cycle I finally decided to purchase the tailer I was considering earlier in my planning, so I was able to leave a fair bit of stuff at dad's place which I can then collect en route to Dover at the tail end of April.

Handling the bike today was so much easier. The main problem yesterday, other than being totally overloaded, was that I had far too much weight on the front wheel. Each front pannier yesterday had 6kg in. Each rear pannier had 8kg in. Today, the fronts were 4.5kg each and the rear 6kg each. The result was that handling was much easier and the downhills were a pleasure again, I didn't have to fight to maintain control like yesterday.

Also last night, I organised campsites en route to Ireland. I had initially planned to wild camp but then I figured that for the first few times at least, it would be much nicer to sleep in safer surroundings, just while I get used to camping alone. Ease myself in gradually so to speak.

After today's ride my arms are not aching and having raised the saddle another centimetre today, my knees don't hurt either. Today was a good day!

I'm staying with family tonight and was treated to an Indian takeaway (thank you). Any weight I lost in the past two days has been put back on tonight in just one meal! I won't need to eat much tomorrow that's for sure.

Under the flightpath close to Gatwick airport.

Stopped in a nice quiet spot for lunch!

Such a beautiful day today. Blue skies all day and not too hot to get dehydrated. Perfect cycling conditions.

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  1. They certainly were good cycling conditions today....I did a 100 mile training loop and the weather was perfect....