Saturday, March 24, 2012


I've just woken up after a three hour snooze following my 60km cycle today. I guess I am not used to cycling so much after almost three months of cycling inactivity. Still, that will all change in a few days! I will have no trouble falling asleep in my tent each night, that's for sure!

As my cycle today took me past the place we lived in from 1976 until 1981, I popped in on our old next door neighbours, whom I last saw around 1984 (which I have just confirmed in my mind as I typed it because I can remember playing the Ghostbusters video game on their sons computer the day we went round to see them). Needless to say they didn't recognise me but they were shocked, amazed and delighted to see me! I stayed for about an hour and had a fantastic chat. The husband is 80, the wife 75 and both still happy and healthy. What more could you ask for? Their eldest son (who is 47 now) taught me to ride a bike when he was about 15 and I was about 5. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. The picture below (of me and dad, lifted from my About Me section) was taken around that time, at the back our our houses, and is the bike I learned to ride on.

Whilst I was there, their grandsons both popped round (both children of their aforementioned oldest son). There was a very surreal moment because the eldest one is the spitting image of his father, just as I remembered him looking, about 28 years ago when I last saw him, when he too was about the same age!

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