Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Current and Future Reading

Current Reading

At the moment I am reading a book a week in order to further fuel my passion for my own cycle touring adventure starting on April 1st this year. Currently I am enjoying the following four books, which I will endeavour to finish before I set off.

Subsequent Reading

I will be taking the following four books with me when I set off.

If I manage to complete them by July, I can then give them to my father (who will be visiting me in the Loire Valley when he too will spend a week camping) to take back home with him. He will then replace them with the following four books, which I will leave out for him to bring with him.

Sometime in early November, it may be my mother's turn to (possibly) pay me a visit when I will be near Mijas in southern Spain, a place we holidayed in when I was a child. I will ask her to bring the following four books with her.

Future Reading

The final four books in my collection, which I am yet to read and will arrange to have sent to a future destination where I will be spending a bit of time, perhaps over Winter 2013, are:

Finally, at some stage in the not too distant future, I will read the following four books again. They were the first cycle touring books I read (in late 2010), when the idea for my own cycle touring adventure was still in its infancy. Having read many similar titles since, including Rob Lilwall's 'Cycling Home From Siberia' (part of which was cycled with Alastair Humpreys and is described in one of his two books. Rob also "bumped" into Mark Beaumont who was three weeks into his world record breaking attempt to cycle around the world), I want to appreciate once again their travels and writing.


  1. I have read ten of the books that you show here...I like to 'fuel' my passion as well.


  2. What happened to Good Vibrations: Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie :-(

    1. ha ha. i have only just finished reading that one. so it's brilliance is still fresh in my mind! :)