Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Un cycle proche de la perfection!

The second thing one notices, when cycling in France (see first here), is the quality of the roads. In just over 70km today I counted no more that 5 potholes. The roads my Sat Nav indicated to me that were 'unpaved' are actually better quality than many of the main roads in Dublin! The edge of the road is not left to crumble away to nothing and I have not seen a single smashed bottle in the cycle lane either! It would appear that people in Dublin seem to think cycle lanes are actually re-cycle lanes judging by the amount of broken bottles strewn within them!

Today was quite possibly the most enjoyable cycle I have ever done, second only to my River Thames bridges cycle. The quality of the roads coupled with not needing to worry about manic motorists, resulted in a most pleasant day. The weather too was amazing and the scenery simply stunning. Anyone who has yet to experience cycling in France should address that as soon as they can. I know a great place to stay too ;)

You may have garnered from my prose, that I have been truly converted to cycling in France. In three days I have not had to utter a single expletive as yet another inconsiderate tosser motorist whizzes past inches from my handlebars. Vive le France!

Here are some pics from my cycle today. I don't think any of them even need captions as the images, I'm sure, speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy :)

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  1. Great set of images....It's always noticeable how traffic free a lot of the French roads seem to be.


    1. Thank you. At times it feels as if one has the entire countryside to oneself. Bliss :)

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  3. I agree with you on this. I managed to cycle a lot when I was in France and I absolutely loved the quality of their roads. They sure did an amzing job with making them.