Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Un cycle par la côte

Todays cycle was not as warm as yesterdays cycle but every bit as enjoyable. At times, back home, cycling can get a little tedious when the routes can't be varied very much, especially when cycling on my own with no company for distraction. Here though, as the entire experience of cycling in France is a new one for me, each day has been just as enjoyable as the day before and I have only cycled a few kms of the same roads in getting to and from my base for the week.

I cycled to Granville on Sunday but wanted to explore of the bit more of the coast today and was told that the coast north of Granville is well worth a look. Again, I took the back roads and stayed away from the main roads, primarily for the peace and quiet but also to see more of the countryside. Now that I am familiar with the quality of the roads and the quality of the driving over here, I can just get on with the fun of cycling. As I mentioned yesterday, it really does make for a much more enjoyable cycling experience when you can focus on the scenery and the views, rather than the drivers and poor quality roads.

The pace of life over here seems to have been taken down several notches when compared to Dublin and London. Everyone I passed, whether they were on cycle or on foot,  said "Bonjour." Even young children playing with their friends shouted a greeting as I passed. You can't help but smile at such friendliness, as you cruise along the remote country lanes. Even the animals here seem more laid back. They stop grazing just long enough for their gaze to follow you briefly as you pass. Only the sheep seem spooked when they catch sight of a human, but that's sheep for you!

Here are some pics from my cycle today. I hope you enjoy :)

Now, that's my kind of sign! More of the same please.

The black things in the sea are sticks with rope attached to catch mussels! Clever stuff.

They even do nice coloured roads over here too.

This place looks like something out of Scooby Doo! Can you see the ghostly face at the window?

This must be Citroen's attempt at the Smart car. My bike is almost certainly faster!

The static driver had a ten-pin bowling ball for a head!

It's no wonder that French villages are always so clean with anti-litter signs the size of human beings!

Sleepy Hollow(ish)

This fella was jolly playful. First he chased me for a while then he got more enjoyment chasing cars!

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  1. Looks so idyllic. Are there many people around. I often found the villages are always deserted. You should become John and Hilary's marketing manager

    1. We have already discussed linking blog to website and vice versa.