Friday, February 3, 2012

Having Your Cake and Eating it!

I got mother Gregg Wallace's 'Gregg's Favourite Puddings' book for Xmas, having been in MasterChef mode as the TV series had just finished. There are some cracking desserts in there. "Pick one and I'll make it", she said. I couldn't refuse. Being a cyclist, it obviously had to be a cake and boy did I choose correctly. It's the best cake I've ever had! I'm sure her top-notch execution of the recipe had a lot to do with it though :)

Check it out and maybe have a go at making one for the cyclist in your life, they'll be sure to thank you for it!

I have included the recipe here for you, along with a link at the bottom of the page, to buy the book in order to appease the obvious copyright issue, law-breaking types :)


  1. Wow, cracking effort! You know it looks so good, you could have bought it!! Send some over to Dublin please

  2. That looks like a Yummy mess of Greatness!