Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bloggers and Tweeters

When I created this blog a few years ago I didn't really know what to use it for. Initially I thought about posting photographs I was taking but then I soon got bored of that as I didn't have much of a following and I could look at them on my computer alone anyway. I didn't understand how to go about directing traffic to my blog or how best to go about promoting it. Around this time, I also discovered Twitter but I didn't know what to do with that either! After tweeting a few pics of what I was having for lunch in work, I soon got bored of that too.

I always liked the idea of posting my thoughts to the web but didn't think for one minute that anyone would be interested in reading about them. But, after a couple of years of blog and tweet inactivity, I found myself planning a European cycle touring adventure. Then I had a Eureka moment! The tools to research, plan and talk about my dreams were there in front of me just waiting to be exploited.

In the past few months I have discovered a plethora of handy websites and forums, where I have found some helpful information, but it's the blogs and tweets that have proved most useful. As a thank you to the writers of those blogs and tweeters of those tweets, here is a list (in no particular order) of the sites I have found to me most engaging, insightful and helpful but, above all else, the people who have always been on hand to answer my questions and offer their thoughts and advice. It's very much appreciated.

" is currently the flagship of the Vagabond Network, and has been growing rapidly each year. It is now made up of 12 large sections, 12,000 pages, and is currently bringing in more than 90,000 visitors per month."

"I am Tim Travis, an ordinary American who decided to live out my dreams. I saved my money, quit my job, sold my possessions and set off to travel around the world by bicycle. I left my home in Arizona, USA on March 2002 and have been on the road ever since. I have no plans to stop. This web site contains my ongoing travel blog, short videos and photo journal."

"What started as going to England to buy a bicycle has gotten out of hand for Loretta Henderson. Over a dozen or so countries later, thousands of pedal miles still beckon on the road ahead. A solo female storyteller with a penchant for finding the hilarity in the mundane, Loretta will knock you senseless with her wisdom and wit as she perches high on Pandemic The Magic Bicycle’s seat and pedals around the world..., or at least that's what a paid friend said, seconded by her Dad!"

"Planning a bike tour? This site is all about inspiring and helping you to get out and travel by bike. It’s written by us, Friedel & Andrew. We’ve cycled in 33 countries and by 2010 we’d covered over 60,000km. At that point, we stopped counting but on average we cycle 4,000-5,000km a year."

"Exploring the curious corners of planet earth with a backpack and a sense of humour! Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, I've been making bad decisions on the road since 2009."

"Long-distance cyclist, author, small-time eco warrior & teacher. I have written a book about my cycle along the Eurovelo 5 from Reading to Brindisi."

"Born on the Isle of Wight, I live to ride my bikes. There is something incredibly relaxing about pushing yourself hard on a bike - concentrating just on the physical task in hand and mental determination, it provides a welcome respite when most of my other time is taken up by numbers and data from my Economics degree. Cycling is real passion for me, and I'm driven to succeed in it. This blog follows my exploits and insights into the world of two wheeled, pedal powered speed."

"Mad twat. Cycles a fair bit. Rugby player. Swears a LOT. Loony lefty. Loves a debate. Hates bigots. Don’t like it? F**k off. (all views are mine blah blah…) Just a girl who likes to rant…"

"Baking is therapy. It brings me peace and a bit of a rush. I get on a roll and I can bake all day! I am Lei and these are my recipes and experiences. I am a mom, a cyclist, a vegetarian, a kitchen warrior and a quirky chick!"

"The most knowledgeable cyclist I know said: “Bicycles are wheels. You can do all kinds of things with them.” My preference is to use them to travel in France. When I can't travel, I ride near home in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts. Here are some travel stories and local routes."

"I hail from the lush green fields of Slane in county Meath, Ireland. I'm new to this cycling game but so far it's going swimmingly. I'm not a complete novice however and have been known to cycle the 800m to my local tennis club as a child. I thought a world tour was a natural progression. A victim of the travel bug a world tour was the only solution I could find. If I can explore the world by bike and do it for a good cause like MPS Ireland then it's a real bonus. Enjoy the blog and feel free to comment!"


  1. Hey, thanks for the shoutout! Thanks for sharing some of your fav's, I look forward to checking them out :)