Monday, January 2, 2012

Turbo Trainer

As winter approached and I was still some way short of my 12,000km goal, I decided to purchase an indoor trainer, just in case the weather got too bad outside. I'd used rollers before but having sold the Tacx ones I had with the Fuji track bike, I plumped for a turbo trainer this time. I chose this one on Wiggle.

Whenever I'm browsing my usual choice of online cycling stores, I endeavour to read all the reviews and don't just make my decision based on choice alone. I can't afford the most expensive items and I still worry sometimes, that the cheapest will be inferior quality. But the most expensive one is not always the best choice for my needs and I have found that even the cheapest products are very good. The guys purchasing the stuff to sell online clearly know the products they are selling and don't just stock any old rubbish. I am very thankful for that. I have yet to purchase an inferior quality item from any of the online cycling stores I frequent.

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