Saturday, January 14, 2012


So, upon successful completion of my Cytech level 3 mechanics course yesterday, as a well-deserved treat, I took myself up to the London Bike Show today for look around. I only found out about the show last Monday, when the guys at Cytech asked "Are you going to the bike show?". By this weekend though, I also had a vested interest in the show, as a bike I built on the course, was being exhibited at the very same show :)

Here it is in the workshop.
And here at the show, over there on the right hand side.

I only discovered this morning that the bike show was part of a much larger show experience, which also incorporated the Outdoors Show, the Active Travel Show and the London Boat Show. I have no interest in boats whatsoever but both the Outdoors Show and the Active Travel Show interested me as possible aids to my European cycle touring adventure I am planning. I was up and out of the house by 7.00am to catch the train to London.

Of course, the London Bike Show is a bike officianados ;paradise. All the fancy kit on display that the majority of us will never be able to afford and only get to drool over at shows such as this. Take this McLaren Specialized Venge for example, it could be yours for just £12,000 or £6,000 for just the frame and forks, now that's much more reasonable!!!

A £12,000 bargain?

@Specialized_Guy's paradise.
If I wasn't @Specialized_Guy I would definitely be @Cervélo_Guy
Or just maybe @Pinarello_Guy ;)

Or @Bianchi... oh I think you get the picture by now.
Some Fixie Bike Polo :)
Cycle maps of London. Very handy. I got the full set :)
The sun sets on a beautiful day.

Shouts go to @endurojules from ATG Training who was my instructor on the #Cytech bicycle mechanics course, @MrsFOUR4TH from Four4th who played Where's Wally with me :) and @WaterOffaDucks of Water Off A Ducks Back who do some damn fine waterproof coats.

A mention also for @Cycle_a_diff of Cycle-a-Difference, a very worthwhile charity and jolly nice people to chat to :)

If you are going to the show's final day tomorrow, I hope you enjoy the experience!


  1. Loving the photos. The sunset one is stunning.

  2. I can't wait to talk to you about Cytech!!! The Trek looks neat!

  3. what about the friend discount? Tips and knowledge for fre... :b