Thursday, January 5, 2012


#bikeschool is a live chat on Twitter every Thursday night at 9pm EST (which is 2am GMT for any European imsomniacs like myself, @Specialized_Guy, who may wish to join in). We talk about bikes and have fun… a lot of fun. Like all classrooms there are pranksters, teacher’s pets and people who sit in the front row wearing spandex.

#bikeschool was established in 2010 by @bikerly, @egggman and @lovingthebike.

The website version of #bikeschool includes interviews, stories and information from our life on Twitter and beyond and is brought to you each week by our man, @steviedexter.

For a listing of all #bikeschool posts found here in Loving the Bike, just click right here. But before you do, let us warn you about things like the @tacomakingrobot, Bike Thongs, and other crazy stuff you might find there.

For a list of #bikeschool web posts prior to April 1st, 2011, please check out our archived Tumblr site at

All text taken directly from purely to save me having to needlessly retype it all ;)


  1. Thanks for featuring #bikeschool in you blog...very nice. See you at class.